The Newest Komatsu Electric Rope Shovel

Komatsu Electric Rope Shovel

P&H 4100XPC AC-90

The 4100XPC AC-90 electric rope shovel is an AC-drive shovel which complements the highly successful 4100C from a payload perspective while maintaining a high degree of commonality with the 4100XPC AC from a technical perspective. The 4100XPC AC-90 features the latest design and technological upgrades to maximize machine availability and equipment production.

  • Nominal payload of 73 to 82 mt (80 to 90 st)
  • Nominal dipper capacity 42 to 49 m3 (54 to 64 yd.3)
  • Ideal for loading 218 to 327 mt (240 to 360 st) haul trucks
  • Proven, consistent high machine availability of at least 90%
  • Optimized dipper geometry for increased fill factors
  • A full suite of service products and consumables are available, including wire rope, GET, crawler shoes and more
  • Mechanical upgrades, repair and rebuild services are available worldwide


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