Nordictrack treadmill x22i

Newest NordicTrack Treadmill X22i Incline Trainer

Nordictrack treadmill Experience

Fitness Innovation

Run all over the world and discover an innovative fitness experience with the Nordictrack treadmill

X22i’s vibrant 22-inch Smart HD

touchscreen and the dynamic 40 percent incline.

Personal Training

The World’s Best Trainers in Your Home

With an industry-leading 22-inch touchscreen,
the Nordictrack treadmill X22i is the first incline
trainer to stream the best personal trainers from
around the world into your home everyday.

The Revolutionary Way to Work Out 

Experience fitness in a whole new way. These

elite trainers will guide you through daily workouts

as you jog along the beaches of Hawaii, hike through

New Zealand, and run through the streets of San Francisco.

Throughout the workout, the trainer will give you tips only

available through iFit Coach Plus.


Personalized Workouts for Great Results

Whether you are in the mood for a leisurely stroll around Hawaii, a quick run, an intense core workout, a jog through New Zealand, or even yoga in Boston, iFit Coach Plus has something for everyone. Feel free to follow your trainer or dial things back to where you feel comfortable. Custom adjust speed, incline, weight, and much more for a uniquely personalized experience.


Total Body Experience

With two included adjustable dumbbells, merge cardio with strength training for a workout experience you’ll have to feel to believe.

Strength Training on Your Treadmill

Save time and increase the intensity as you tone your entire body with the included 12.5-pound Speed Weight adjustable dumbbells and 40-percent incline. Exercise options include interval training, kickboxing, yoga, and other calorie-burning varieties.

Combining strength training and 40-percent incline, which burns five times the calories, with the world’s best trainers makes your goals even more attainable.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Track Your Beat

Target a specific heart rate zone using the built-in sensor grips or the included iFit® Bluetooth® wireless chest strap so you can reach your fitness goals.

iFit Coach App

Reach Your Goals

iFit Coach Plus brings your workout experience full-circle by adapting to you based on your nutrition, sleep, and activity levels.

A Healthy Lifestyle Made Easier

iFit Coach Plus personalizes your high-intensity workouts even more by looking at your daily nutrition, sleep, and activity levels. All you have to do is step on your treadmill and start the daily workout to stay on track to hit your fitness goals. After your captivating workout, check out the delicious meal plan designed just for you and put on the included wearable to track your activity and sleep.


5x The Burn, 5x Faster

Burn five times the calories and get closer to your fitness goals by using the impressive 40-percent incline and adjust the incline with a simple touch of a button.

Live Cast Classes

Train with 
the Best

Join a personal trainer as they lead you through high-energy, cross-training classes, where other class members will help motivate you and push you to be the best. Each trainer has their own unique training style, so every day is exciting and more motivating than the last.

Reflex™ Cushioning

Comfort For Your Joints

Spanning nearly the entire deck, you experience Reflex™ cushioning and enjoy the comfort it can bring to your knees and back.

Auto Breeze™ Workout Fans

Cool Down

Feel the cool, crisp air on your face with two workout fans that automatically adjust to match your speed and  intensity.

Performance Specifications

Nordictrack treadmill x22i Spec

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