Power Bank

Newest Solar Mobile Power | Eco brick

Built for the outdoors.

With 10,000 mAH, up to 4 charges, and a wall outlet in addition to the solar panel you can charge 2 devices at once from anywhere.


Solar Powered

Our belief in green energy shows in our product. Solar charging is not just the best way to charge, it's the right way to charge.content.

Dual USB Interfaces

Two usb ports so you can charge whatever you need to, whenever you need to.

Up to 4 charges

With up to 4 charges from solar or wall outlets, you can be ready to go, wherever you might be,

The power of the Eco Brick has been taken to a smaller device with the Eco Brick Lite. This is just as powerful for the purpose of being on the go and staying connected with the modern world, but it provides a compact version that is even easier to carry around. You can think of the Lite version of the Power Bank as the perfect little emergency gadget that will always save the day – even if you are in the middle of the jungle. So please do yourself a favor and buy one now, and never leave home without your portable charger again.

  • Dual Ports – Charge two devices at the same time while on the go, the quick 2.1A charge provide the fastest charging speed to you. 
  • Highest Quality Materials – The best environmentally friendly silicone protects it from rain, dirt, and shock/drops. It uses lithium polymer batteries with 10000mAh. Equipped with over-charge protection system. Over 1000+ recharge cycles. 
  • Wide Compatibility – Compatible with most USB-Charged devices such as for iPhone iPad, iPod, iWatch, Samsung phones, other Android mobile phones, Kindles, Gopro Camera, GPS and More 

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