Newest Pickup concept – Hyundai Santa Cruz 2018

2018 Hyundai Santa Cruz – A while ago Hyundai showcased a very interesting concept with the Santa Cruz pickup truck. At the time it was nothing more than just a truck to showcase their idea. Hyundai’s CEO said that it was meant as a car replacement for someone who never owned a truck before. This type of design was used before by Honda with their Ridgeline but Honda never said such thing.

2018 Hyundai Santa Cruz Design

The concept truck for the Santa Cruz featured a really striking design which is unlikely to go unchanged in production. The concept features an extended cab which may actually go into production as a sports truck. A crew cab model with four full-size doors and more room inside is also a real possibility. The two might actually use the same platform with the difference being the extended cab version would get a different design for its cab and bed to be more striking to look at. The other version, on the other hand, would be the competitor for all the other regular trucks on the market. In the front we expect it to be quite close to its crossover sibling with the difference being the bumper. The back will be all new with a full-size bed and possibly a hatch to allow the bed to extend into the cabin.

Technical Spec

Things are expected to be quite interesting here. Most rumors suggest a diesel engine, but this is unlikely to be the only offering, especially on the US market. Instead, the truck may receive a 2-liter turbo four with around 240 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque as standard. This gas engine would actually be superior to those of its rivals. A 3.3 liter naturally aspirated V6 with close to 300 horsepower is also a real possibility. Both of them should be available with front or all-wheel drive and with either a six-speed manual or an automatic, likely a six speed.

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