Bosch cordless angle driver

Newest Bosch Cordless Angle Wrench

Cordless Angle Wrench

GWI 12V-5 Professional

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Technical data

The most important data

Here you will find the most important technical data for your professional Bosch tool at a glance!

Product highlights

The most compact lithium-ion cordless angle driver

  • Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP): protects the battery against overload, overheating and deep discharge
  • Motor brake for precise work when driving rows of screws
  • Practical hook for storage and accessibility
  • No memory effect: the battery can be charged regardless of the charging state at any time, without damaging the cells
  • Extremely versatile, above all in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas, thanks to the 5 head position settings: 0°/22.5°/45°/67.5°/90°
  • Very compact: 9.5 cm adjustable head, the smallest on the market
  • 7-stage electronic torque adjustment + drill setting


Top accessories

Battery Pack
GBA 12 V 2.0 Ah Professional
Max Grip
Max Grip for Pozidriv cross head screws
Extra Hard
Extra Hard for Pozidriv cross head screws
Self Cut Speed spade bits
Self Cut Speed spade bit sets
Self Cut Speed spade bits
Self Cut Speed spade bits, with 1/4

Whatever you plan to do – you can rely on original accessories from Bosch. You are guaranteed to find the appropriate accessory for your Bosch tools in our accessories catalogue.


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