gi fly bike

Newest Electric Fly Bike

Fly Bike Description

Gi Fly Bike is an electric, smart, maintenance-free, folding bicycle with full size, 26” wheels that we created for the future of urban commuting. Crafted from ultra lightweight aircraft grade aluminum, Gi Fly Bike can be taken anywhere bus, train, office, elevator, or locker without compromise. Gi Fly Bike gives people exactly what they need. Freedom to ride without excess or restraint.

Zero to bike in one second.

The “Fly Folding” system is a patent pending custom arrangement of mechanical parts that allows the bike to be folded in one second and in one simple motion, making it the world’s fastest folding electric bicycle. Easily roll it onto a bus, train, subway, or elevator. A king of convenience, your folded Gi Fly is designed to be wheeled around like a roll able luggage so you never have to pick it up.

gi fly bike
gi fly bike

Travel uphill with downhill effort.

With a 250 watt rear-wheel motor large enough to propel you for 40 miles (~60 km) and still meet global e-bike regulations, Gi Fly’s electric flight assistance is a game-changer. Choose between three speeds of electric assistance or ride Gi Fly as a normal bike. Climb hills and get to your destination quickly, without breaking a sweat.

Life just got harder (for thieves).

Bike theft is less of an issue with our integrated locking system. Gi Fly detects how far you are from your folded bike through Bluetooth technology and locks automatically when you are 10 feet (~3 meters) away. Return to your bike and the Gi unlocks automatically. The mechanical lock can be manually controlled through the Gi Fly mobile application.

gi fly bike
gi fly bike

Bye, bye flat tires.

Our solid-anti puncture tires, specifically designed for electric bikes, withstand everything that would normally stop you flat with a pneumatic tire – nails, glass, sharp metal objects, and thorns. Anything. We proudly partner with Tannus Tires because their product is incredibly lightweight, ensures comfort, minimizes rolling resistance, and provides unprecedented safety.

You’re in charge.

All of Gi Fly’s features are controlled through our mobile app. To make sure you stay in control, the bike has a centrally located USB Port and phone holster. Gi Fly will charge your phone as you pedal towards your destination.

gi fly bike

A to B, made easy.

Don’t know how to get to your destination? Not a problem. The Gi Fly mobile app uses Google Maps’ full-view, worldwide bicycle navigation to give you step-by-step route instruction.

gi fly bike

Your pants will love the Gi.

If you bought a bicycle in the past 120 years then it probably has a chain. Thankfully, some fellow bike innovators came up with the belt drive transmission. Our belt drive is steel-reinforced and is free of grease and oil. Never deal with noise, dirty pants or broken chains again.

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