Underwater Electrical Scooter Seabob F5 SR

Newest Fastest Underwater Scooter – SEABOB F5 SR

Underwater Electrical Scooter  


Performance Raise

Underwater Electrical Scooter

Seabob with Optimal handling

Low weight with powerful thrust

Seabob f5 sr

The cockpit

Clear view. Perfect control.

Underwater Electrical Scooter

Seabob F5 SR E-Jet Power System

Emission-free drive technology

Underwater Electrical Scooter

High-tech across the board

Quality right down to the last detail

The Underwater Electrical Scooter Seabob F5 SR is the absolute paragon of cutting edge technology. In order for the vehicle to live up to this claim, the drive unit was made using premium carbon elements, established ceramic coatings and precious metals resistant to salt water.

Meticulously hand-crafted, this water sports vehicle is made of top-grade materials. The uncompromising quality standard of each Seabob F5 SR is reflected in each and every detail.

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